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09/28/06Bush and Cheney are Clubbies - they don't know anything except how to get dressed seven times a day.  The real problem is the Jews behind the system.  Lauro J. Chavez was an eye witness to the treason behind 9/11.  Torture is a racial issue: whites are least likely to commit torture; Jews are the worst.  Abortion is mandated in the Bible where a man refuses to support another man's child.



The religious right is making a mistake to exclude evolution from their struggle to save the white race because we are by far the most evolved.  What we are seeing today is the Communist take-over described by George Orwell.  We are paying Kosher taxes on almost all of our foods.



The race that practices selective eugenics first will win the race war.  Unfortunately, this is likely to be the Chinese who already have population control policies in place.


09/28/06Judeo-Christianity is just another word for Frankism, a hellish religion that says 9/10 of the world must be exterminated before the Messiah will come to rule the world.


09/28/06Joseph P. McCarthy was a powerful voice against Communism.  Evidence that the attack on the WTC 9/11 included micro-nukes.


11/02/06Masons started this country for white people.  That's why they want to rebuild Solomon's Temple which was designed to separate the Whites from the non-whites.  St. Paul was the anti-Christ, and was arrested for bringing non-whites into the White area of the Temple.


11/02/06People have chosen to kill themselves rather than to kill the innocent.  Irma Grese still haunts Germany, waiting for the truth about the Holohoax to be discovered so that she and the German people will be vindicated.



America embraces torture as part of its state craft.  Physicists entertain the idea of a directed energy weapon being used to bring down the WTC from a planet or satellite.