Atlantis and the Israelites.

The Bible is all we have to remember our rich heritage from Atlantis. 

We weren't all rich, we in Anglia, but those of us who were left the icy weather of England and moved to the warmer climate of the Mediterranean Sea.  We developed into a beautiful race of people, with a notable difference between the men and the women.  More so than any other type of men, our women were graceful and feminine, our men, equally graceful but in a manly way.  All of our women were made entirely of rose buds and our men's bodies were made of sun and their eyes were made of stars.  We had enough water to be clean at all times and we built perfect buildings.  We were happy, always happy, intelligent and as perfect as a race could be.  We sailed the seas.  We had knowledge of the skies and used astronomy to navigate the world.  Mathematics and our knowledge of physics allowed us to build beautiful buildings.  We did not have advanced technology but we had everything that it was possible to have except for what was invented during the industrial revolution.

The weather was always fine and we easily defended our thousand miles of beach front property against the occasional attempts to pillage our surplus by the hungry tribes from the south and the east.

Alas, the time came when the earth became warmer and the glaciers melted and submerged our land.  Our fabulous buildings sank to under the sea.  We sailed to all parts of the world: India, Israel, back to England and Europe, and to North and South America.  The Bible is the story of how we settled in Middle East as the ancient Israelites.

It was pathetic how dull the indigenous people were in Israel and even Egypt.  We quickly established the Republic of Rome and the brilliant civilization of Greece.  We set up the caste system of India and spread civilization throughout the Middle East.  After being separate for tens of thousands of years we were horrified at the two legged brutes we encountered.

Our astronomy was beyond the comprehension of the uneducable masses we encountered.  The science was corrupted into a religeon: astrology.  Still we allowed the people to study astrology if only to help them memorize the placement of the stars in the sky even though any use for navigation was impossible to teach them.  Those of us who went to Europe tried to teach the people how to use gymnasium equipment but they only turned them into torture machines.  It has been a sad thing, to watch the degenerated races struggle with their own stupidity and depravity.

We hold the Biblical scholars to be the most dear historians of the 20th and 21st centuries in the face of historical corruptions because at least the Bible reveals us to be a race that must be separate for its survival.  Already the best of our genes have been lost: our genius, our blonde hair, our blue eyes and our wit.  But we can recover if we study the Bible and heed the racial laws that have always been part of the law of our people.