Edgar Steele does not belong in the line of holocaust deniers who have been jailed or killed for their beliefs. Steele is an old man who tried to kill his wife and, when he failed, pulled the mantle of martyrdom over his shoulders to hide his crime.

November 16, 2009 Edgar Steele wrote on his website: "I honestly believe that if we were to add a little LSD to the water supply every Monday morning, war and discord of every sort would vanish from the face of the Globe. Did you know that LSD is chemically identical to a substance produced in exceedingly small quantities in the human brain, by the way? ... It is no accident that Kesey was an early proponent and user of LSD (see Tom Wolfe’s seminal "Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" for a brilliant account of a real-life journey down author Ken Kesey’s road to self discovery)"

November 21, 2009 Edgar had a heart attack At his trial, it came out that Edgar had sent over 14,000 emails to Ukrainian women seeking husbands. One can only speculate as to how many of these emails were sent by Edgar while he was enjoying his road to self-discovery during the next six days. What is known is that six days after the "Acid Test" comment in his blog,.

In the hospital, Edgar woke up in a hissy. One can easily imagine what he was thinking: "What if Cyndi reads the emails? What if somebody steals the silver? I gotta get outa here." Edgar yelled at Allen Banks to get out of the hospital and he told Cyndi to get out of his life. Cyndi realized Edgar was sincere but in good conscience she could not leave him in such poor physical health. She told Edgar she would not discuss divorce for six months to give him time to heal. Then she split her time between her bed-ridden mother and her bed-ridden husband, constantly driving from Oregon to Idaho. When Cyndi was gone Edgar was free to indulge his internet dating addiction. He emailed, Skyped and sent presents to the beauitful blondes of the Ukraine. After sending out a hundred thousand emails, Edgar settled on a beauty named Tatyana Vadimovna Loginova. Edgar told her he was divorced and looking for a wife. He offered to move to the Ukraine or let Loginova move to the United States to live with him. For added spice, Edgar included Cyndi in his affairs, telling her that he was doing research on Mail Order Bride Scams. Cyndi and Ed spent time together laughing as Edgar showed Cyndi the emails and laughed at how silly girls could be. The real question was how could Cyndi be so silly in light of the fact that she had already filed for Divorce in 2000 because Edgar was engaged in internet dating, passing himself off as a free man when he was married to Cyndi.

LSD, old age and moral weakness took its toll on Edgar and at some point in 2009 he confided to his handyman, Larry Fairfax that he wanted Cyndi out of his life. He did not want to go through another divorce with her because the last time he had attempted a divorce she had asked for $1200 a month in alimony and child support plus the house and half the assets. Murder was a lot cheaper.

Fairfax saw an opportunity to take advantage of an old man. He was very agreeable to Edgar's fantasies and offered to do the dirty deed for money. Fairfax never intended to kill Cyndi but he figured there wouldn't be anything Edgar could do once he gave Fairfax the money. Edgar, on his part, was similarly defrauding Larry, promising to pay Larry $25,000 after Cyndi was killed in a staged automobile accident which Edgar said would result in a windfall of $100,000 in insurance money from a non-existent insurance policy. After dickering a bargain was struck: Larry would kill Cyndi and her mother for $10,000 before the murder and, when the insurance paid off, Edgar would give Larry another $25,000. Larry was to put a bomb under Cyndi's car and a bomb under Edgar's car. Cyndi and her mother were to be blown up and after the murder, Edgar was to find the bomb under his car and could claim that Jewish organizations had tried to kill both him and his wife because of Edgar's public denial of the holocaust.

Edgar embellished his idea of blaming the Jews after he was arrested in a letter he wrote to Ingri Cassel. In that letter Edgar said,

"This guy (Larry) had offered to be a hit man before, more than once, but I dismissed him as a harmless buffoon. I had told him of the ADL and its hatred for me. This murder-for-hire plot is beyond my hillbilly hitman, so I assume he went to the ADL, which either fabricated tapes that he played for the FBI recorder or produced a mimic of me to make the tapes for the FBI on the spot. Regardless, I have been framed and set-up! BTW, the ADL was quoted extensively in the government’s opening papers in court."

Larry was having fun playing on Edgar's mental instability, especially after Edgar actually gave him $10,000 as a pre-payment. But then Larry had to face reality. He had to come up with a real murder. So, Larry put a dud bomb under Cyndi's car for Edgar's approval and tried to think fast. He could not think fast. There was no way out of the situation that now faced Larry. He had to admit to Edgar that the bomb had not gone off.

Larry had not been prepared for Edgar's reaction. Edgar yelled at Larry that he better get the job done right because if he didn't Edgar would get someone else to do it and he would have the new guy kill Larry too. In a fit of anger Edgar showed Larry his gun collection and told him he could bury Larry's body with his back hoe in 15 minutes. Then Edgar ordered Larry to remove the bomb from underneath his car. Larry obeyed Edgar and removed the bomb from underneath Edgar's car. Larry was genuine afraid that Edgar would have him killed so he went to his family for advice. They called a family friend who had been a judge and was now practicing as a lawyer. Larry decided to follow the attorney's advice which was to turn himself into the police, report Edgar's more serious crime, and get off with a lesser sentence for cooperating with the police.

In Edgar’s letter from jail to Ingri Cassell he said,

"Knowing I would discover the theft & know it was him, he tried to kill me with two pipe bombs he placed on the cars he knew I drove. They both failed to go off. Cyndi left town with one before he removed it, which led to the discovery of the car bomb on our Mitsubishi SUV."

Larry was too ashamed to tell the police about the bomb he had placed under Cyndi's car so, before he went to the police, Larry took a friend with him to Oregon to remove the bomb from under Cyndi's car. Larry could remove the bomb because he would be recognized if Cyndi saw him so he had his friend go to Cyndi's car to remove the bomb. The friend could see no bomb under the car. Larry assumed that providence was with him and that the bomb had miraculously dropped off Cyndi's car without exploding so there would be no reason to tell the police about the bomb.

June 8, 2010 Larry went to the police who told him what to do. Larry was to talk to Edgar wearing a recording device while the police arranged the rest of the arrest. If Larry would help them convict Edgar, Larry could stay out of jail and end up with probation. the police showed Larry how to walk with a recording device and they told him to get Edgar to agree to an alibi which, when Edgar used the alibi, would convict him as if it were a confession. The alibi was that Edgar was to go on a trip with a friend to get some lumber while Larry was killing Cyndi and her mother. If anything went wrong, and Larry was implicated, Edgar would deny all knowledge of the crime and would have his alibi. It was fun for Larry to be used in the place of an undercover agent but somehow it never felt right to tell the police about the dud bomb that he had placed under Cyndi's car and it was unnecessary because the bomb had fallen off the car without exploding so Larry did not tell the police about the bomb. In the presence of the police who were directing the Larry's side of the conversation, Larry called Edgar and told him he had thought it over and agreed to go through with the deal but he needed to talk over some details.

July 9, 2010 Larry went to Edgar's house. The police took a video tape of Larry entering the premises to establish Larry's identity and the time of his entry. Edgar took Larry to the field where they mainly talked about chores that Edgar wanted Larry to do, like taking care of the horses and working on various maintenance projects. In the middle of these discussions about chores Edgar would lower his voice and move closer to Larry so that he could not be heard by anyone on the outside. He told Larry he wanted the job done right because Edgar did not want to end up taking care of a paraplegic. He promised to give Larry an extra $25,000 if a $100,000 insurance policy paid off. This was a lie since there was no insurance policy but Larry didn't know that. He promised to connect the death to the automobile and if the bomb didn't go off, Larry would run Cyndi off the road and kill her that way. The murder had to be connected to the automobile to get the insurance money.

Larry, following instructions from the police to create an alibi, said to Edgar, "What if something goes wrong?"

"What could go wrong," Edgar asked.

"Well, if I make a mistake, if I get caught or something."

"If you get caught I will disavow the entire thing. You will be on your own," Edgar said.

"Yes, I understand that," Larry said, "But I mean for your sake, shouldn't we come up with a plan in case something goes wrong?"

"What kind of plan," Edgar asked.

"You could say you thought Cyndi was having an affair with me," Larry said. "That would put the blame on me."

"Yeah, that's right," Edgar said, "If something goes wrong, that's what I will do."

Larry and Edgar talked more about the chores. Edgar moved away from Larry and talked more freely when he was talking about the chores, but whenever he discussed the murder plot he moved closer to Larry. This created anomalies in the tape because Edgar was farther away from the tape when he was talking about the chores and when he talked about the murder he moved closer to Larry, and to the microphone that Larry was wearing, so Edgar's voice sounded closer and stronger on the tape.

June 10, 2010 Larry came to Edgar's house a second time. Again the police videotaped Larry's entry and exit from the premises. Again the men went to the field and again Edgar talked about chores and lowered his voice and got closer to Larry when they discussed the murder.

According to his instructions from the police Larry said, "You need an alibi."

Edgar said, "I'll go into town with a friend of mine so that while you are killing Cyndi and her mom I will be talking to people in the post office, the drug store, the lumber yard, and I will make myself memorable so they will testify that I was with them at the time of the crime."

Edgar called his friend, Allen Banks, to have him pick him up and take him to the lumber store the next morning.

June 11, 2010 the police knocked on Edgar's door. At the same time other police officers were knocking on Cyndi's door in Oregon. The police wanted to have the two confrontations take place at the same time so the police in Oregon stayed outside of Cyndi's mother's house until they got the signal from the police in Idaho that they were talking to Edgar.

The police told Edgar that his wife had been killed in an automobile accident and Larry Fairfax was involved. They noted that Edgar showed no particular emotion to the announcement of his wife's death but was too befuddled to take the bait.

The police helped him. "We think Larry was having an affair with Cyndi. Did that ever occur to you?"

Edgar woke up. "Well," he said, agreeing that there might have been an affair between Cyndi and Larry, "They have been spending a lot of time together."

That was all the police needed to have Edgar corroborate the plan they had taped the previous two days. They lowered the boom on Edgar.

"Cyndi is not dead and Larry has told us everything," they said. Edgar went into shock. His bowels released into his pants, causing the odor of feces to permeate the room. The police took that as an admission. They put Edgar under arrest.

Just at that point Allen Banks drove his truck up to the residence to take Edgar to the lumber store. He was surprised to see several police cars parked in the driveway so he stopped his truck, turned off the ignition, and waited to see what was going on.

Jubilantly one of the officers ran outside to announce to the many police cars that had gathered around the scene, "We got it! We have everything we need."

Allen Banks saw the police make this announcement and knew that Edgar was in trouble. Then he saw the police bring Edgar out in handcuffs and put Edgar into a police car. That's all Allen Banks knew about the situation until much later when Edgar's supporters started meeting with each other to piece together what could have happened to their hero. One thing they agreed on was that Edgar was innocent and that the Jews had framed him.

"This whole thing isn t logical." Banks said later. "Ed is a very intelligent man. Intelligent men don t hire their plumber to kill their wife and mother in law. Plus, he has been quite ill over the past year."

June 15, 2010 was the date of Edgar's arraignment. Cyndi had arranged for a lawyer to represent Edgar at the arraignment. On her way from Oregon to the Idaho courthouse, Cyndi decided to kill some time before the arraignment to have her car lubricated. The man at the Quick Lube raised Cyndi's car and saw the bomb. He told Cyndi to look at it and wanted to know what she wanted to do. She broke down in tears so the Quick Lube guy called the police who removed the bomb. Shaken, Cyndi continued her drive to Edgar's arraignment.

Traffic was held up because of the bomb scare so Edgar's attorney was late. When he finally arrived, Edgar railed at him, "You're fired! I'll represent myself!"

Edgar gained celebrity in the White Power community by articulating its edgiest doctrines. There is no doubt that Edgar was a smart man. He was licensed to practice law in three states. He could articulate complicated ideas. His carrot red hair, pink eye lids and lurching gait precluded him from competing physically with the handsome, blonde men of the movement for which he struggled to compensate by being smart and edgy. Sometimes Edgar enraged the nonwhite communities to the point that they made telephone calls to the house and Cyndi was frightened when anti-white activists made telephoned threats to the house. Death threats were a badge of honor in the White Power community. Death threats indicated that you had hit a nerve by telling the truth.

The FBI Came to Oregon to Warn Cyndi That She was in Danger.

Cyndi was taking care of her mother in Oregon when she heard a knock on the door. Cyndi opened the door and was surprised to see two agents from the FBI standing on the porch. The agents told Cyndi that they had been informed by Larry Fairfax that Edgar was planning to kill Cyndi and her mother.

Mission Impossible.

According to Edgar Steele, he was the victim of a Mission Impossible plot to make him appear to be guilty by creating an audio tape of snippets of his voice threatening to kill Cyndi.

While he was in jail asserting his innocence he was writing letters to the beautiful Loginova. "I miss you so much. I seem to dream about you every night. I found myself daydreaming about you being near me... It has been nearly 3 weeks since we last saw each other via Skype."

"I can’t help imagining you climbing in beside me and what it would be like to hold you and see your smile up close and kiss me."

While Edgar was conducting this love affair with the fair Loginova, Cyndi was making public appearances telling audiences how much Edgar loved her and asking for donations for his legal defense.

The Trial - Prosecution

The Prosecution opened their case with audio recordings of two telephone conversations from Edgar Steele, calling from jail, to tell his son and his wife that she should "stand like a rhinoceros in the road" in denying that the voices on tapes that would be played in court "are not my husband’s voice." This was to create an undisputed sample of Edgar’s voice.

Next the Prosecution presented letters written by Steele from his jail cell to the blonde and beautiful Tatyana Vadimovna Loginova, from the Ukraine. This letter related to Tatyana how much in love he was with her while languishing in his cell.

The Prosecution showed receipts from three coin dealers: Coin Nutz, DJ Coins and Coin Corner amounting to $40,000. This refuted what Steele said late June of 2010 in a letter to his followers he sent from jail. "My hillbilly handyman stumbled across a stash of silver bullion in one of my outbuildings – then searched and found two others (@ $15,000 & $45,000 total)."

The Prosecution climaxed their case with two audio recordings of conversations between Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax on June 9the and June 10th of 2010 in which Edgar and Larry planned the murders. At the time of these recordings Fairfax had already confessed to the police and was wearing a wire placed on him by the police. The prosecution also offered two time-stamped videos to prove that the voices on the audio were of Larry and Edgar. The first video showed Larry entering the Steele residence and the second video showed Larry leaving the Steele resident.

Then the Prosecution showed the jury photographs of the bomb which Larry had placed underneath Cyndi’s car.

The Prosecution showed the jury photographs of silver which they took from under the floorboards of the Steele residence at the time of the arrest. This was to show that Edgar hoarded silver to further support their claim that Edgar had sold silver to three silver dealers for the $40,000 he had told his wife had been stolen from them by Larry. The Defense objected to these photographs claiming that the silver was irrelevant to the case but the judge overruled these objections.

A video deposition of Tatyana Vadimovna Loginova was admitted into evidence to support her testimony by remote video from the Ukraine that she and he had voluminous communications on a dating website, The Prosecution introduced the Declamation of Nicholas Pantone, an officer of to show activity from January 2010 to June 13, 2010 between Tatyana and Edgar as further support to Tatyana’s testimony that they had an intimate relationship.

The Prosecution showed the jury $400.00 which was the money given to Larry Fairfax by Edgar Steele on June 29, 2010 to pay for Larry’s trip to Oregon.

Then the Prosecutor proved the chain of custody as to the bomb Larry wired to Cyndi’s car as well as bailing wire and the second pipe bomb which Larry was to put under Edgar’s car to make it appear that the ADD was after him to blame the Jews.

The Prosecution used a Power Point Show to point out to the jury how the bomb under Cyndi’s car was constructed with the fuse cut in several places which supported Larry’s assertion that he had constructed the bomb so that it would not go off. Then the power point show went on to prove that the electrical tape which was used to cover the fuse and the areas of separation in the fuse was itself, good enough as a heat conducted to assure that if ignited, the bomb would go off and Cyndi would have been killed in an explosion.

The next evidence in the Prosecution’s case was checks from Coinnuts and deposit slips which proved that Edgar put the $40,000 into a bank other than one he shared with Cyndi.

The Prosecution showed that Cyndi had filed for divorce in 2001 naming as her reason, Edgar’s addiction to internet dating.

At that point the Prosecution reminded the jury of the gravity of the situation by introducing explosive powder which was retrieved from the bomb, another photographs of the silver obtained from Edgar’s stash at the Steele residence, a nasty email from Edgar to Cyndi in 2000, and finally the profile pages of Tatyana and Edgar from

The White Power community rallied around Cyndi Steele to save their hero. She valiantly stood up to all of the prosecution’s accusations. She scoffed at the accusations that her husband had affection for another female saying that she had known all the time that Edgar was writing emails to women in the Ukraine, that the two of them had laughed sadistically at the silliness of females in these affairs. She told the press that Edgar was doing research on Russian Bride scams and had sent, not just the 14,000 emails they Prosecution used as evidence of Edgar’s love for Tatyana, but that he had sent a hundred thousand emails to other women as well.

The prosecution ended their case with a summation which asked the jury to listen to the audio tapes to decide for themselves if Steele’s voice was the same on the second adios as on the first and to especially listen for background sounds to assure themselves that the second adios were not snippets of other adios spliced together.

The Defense started their argument by entering telephone records which showed that for several days before the bomb was put on Cyndi’s car, the husband and wife had many loving conversations. This opened the door to rebuttal by the Prosecution who showed that there was also conversations between Larry Fairfax and Edgar Steele just as Larry had stated in his testimony during which the plot was hatched.

Then the Defense showed the jury a drawing by Daryl Hollingsworth who was in the same jail as Larry Fairfax. Hollingsworth had drawn a picture for Larry’s upcoming book about the situation which he was to entitle "Act of Defiance." The act of defiance Larry was talking about was his act defying the cult of White Power thugs who demanded complete conformity to their myth that White people are always falsely accused by a Jewish controlled Judiciary. In conformity with this cult, no one was allowed to say anything negative about any of the leadership, of which Edgar was a part. Larry took the risk of being killed by the "soldiers" of the White Power movement when he went to the police and told them the story.

The Defense asked the judge to allow them to remotely televise the testimony of their expert witness. The prosecutor made a motion to the court to deny the defense’s request for remote testimony based on the failure of the defense to subpoena the witness.

The Defense ended their summation by falsely testifying to the jury that the title of Larry’s book, "Act of Defiance" was evidence that by placing the bomb under Cyndi’s car, he was defying law and order.

In deliberation, the jury asked for the tapes again, so that they could listen to them again and again, talking them over, and, after three days of deliberation, arrived at a conviction on all four counts.

The White Power community rallied with donations to pay for an expert witness to express this claim to the court. Money was limited so a deal was struck with the expert to pay less than his usual expert fee in exchange for having him testify via video from his vacation in Bora Bora. In deference to the expert, no subpoena was serve on him which, if served, would have mandated his appearance in person in court. Idaho law demands that before a judge can permit a witness to testify by video-cam, a subpoena must be issued. This serves two purposes: a subpoenaed witness is less likely to appear biased and it gives the judge the choice to allow or deny the request on the part of the witness to testify from a remote location. The witness must appear in court at the time of trial and then and only then may the witness be excused if the judge decides to give the witness that courtesy.

When it was time for the expert witness to testify, the prosecutor made a motion to the court to deny the defense’s request for remote testimony based on the failure of the defense to subpoena the witness. The judge was forced to grant the motion. This was deemed by the White Power community to prove bias on the part of the judge and evidence that the system was rigged against White people so the White Power community buzzed with threats of violence and revolution.

The judge had no right to allow remote testimony from the expert witness who Edgar’s people said would testify that the tapes used to convict him were "Mission Impossible" tapes made up of snippets of Edgar’s voice. The Steele people wanted the expert witness to testify from his vacation in Bora Bora. Patriotards claim that the judge was wrong to deny a defense expert witness to testify from Bora Bora by videocam, just because there was no way to substantiate the identity of the witness and because the witness had not been subpoenaed..

They claimed that because the Ukranian woman had been allowed to testify remotely from the Ukraine, therefore their expert witness should be allowed to testify remotely from his vacation in Bora Bora. Remote testimony is covered under Federal Rule of Procedure 43(a).

"Rule 43. Taking Testimony

(a) In Open Court.

At trial, the witnesses' testimony must be taken in open court unless a federal statute, the Federal Rules of Evidence, these rules, or other rules adopted by the Supreme Court provide otherwise. For good cause in compelling circumstances and with appropriate safeguards, the court may permit testimony in open court by contemporaneous transmission from a different location."


"Good Cause" means "damn good reason with no excuses".

The Court found "good cause" to allow the Ukranian girl to testify from a remote location because she was not under the jurisdiction of the American courts, making it necessary for the United States court to use remote testimony.

The Court did not find "good cause" when the expert witness went on vacation to Bora Bora.

The fact that the defense attorney failed even to subpoena the expert witness made it impossible for the judge to give special consideration to the defense without completely destroying all semblance of proper procedure.


The lack of subpoena also destroyed the requirement in FRCP 43(a) of "appropriate safeguards" because part of the value of a subpoena is to identify the witness.

Another reason for the requirement of a subpoena is to avoid the appearance of bias. A witness who volunteers to appear without a subpoena is seen as being biased in favor of the party for whom he or she is testifying.

In California, an attorney can appeal a judgment based on his own egregious failure to properly represent his client. In this case the judge must report the attorney to the state bar.

A week after Edgar was convicted the Court sentenced Larry Fairfax to 27 months in jail for his part in the matter.

Judge Winmill said he believed Fairfax did not intend to kill Cyndi and only wanted to to defraud Edgar out of silver. He said Fairfax "probably did save Mrs. Steele’s life" and that "in a very odd way" he’s both a hero and anti-hero. In addition to 27 months in prison, Fairfax got three years probation and was ordered to pay Cyndi $10,000 in restitution to cover the silver he’d accepted from Edgar plus court costs and fees.

Undaunted, Cyndi, now wearing full Nazi regalia in black, red and white, asserted that her husband loved her and that Larry was the villain. How hard it is for women to accept the fact that they are not loved! Oh, well. she can always blame the Jews!