It is the truth. That's what happened to the body.  And the Jews knew it too.  That's why, when the guards went running to the Sanhedrin to report that the body was missing, they were told to shut up about it.

Jewish cannibalism is going on today in some rural areas where they still sacrifice unblemished blonde children and eat them in their blood rituals. Several bodies of white kids were found in Russia about ten years ago with the blood drained from their bodies. Shakespeare talked about serving children in pies to his guests after the victims had been turned upside down and the blood drained from them in the kosher style of killing. There was so much of this going on that when the Jews got in control of England they passed laws against "blood libel" meaning that it became illegal to talk about the Jews killing and eating the English children. There is no need to pass a law against talking about a lie because the lie gets found out. Laws against talking about certain issues are there only to keep the truth from being subjected to scientific inquiry, like the Holohoax.

Yes, the Jews ate Jesus. He was a prime, unblemished blond lamb, perfect for their blood rituals. That is where the idea of Jesus as the perfect sacrificial lamb came from. He knew they were going to do it to him, too, which is why he made a historical record of his being eaten in the Last Supper which he commanded his followers to do "in remembrance of me."

That's how I figured it out. Jesus wanted us always to remember what the Jews did to him. He was very upset and did not want the crime covered up.

It is very important for Christians to understand this because we must not fall prey to Pauline doctrine which tells us that Jesus was killed to pay for our sins. This covers up Jesus' entire ministry which was to teach us how to live for better lives on this earth and for salvation in the next life.

After only three hours from the time the nails were driven into Jesus's hands, he was taken down from the cross and carried to the cave where he was to be buried.   Crucifixion Would Not Kill a Person in Three HoursCrucifixion, while cruel, would not kill a person in three hours.  What happened after Jesus was taken down from the cross? 

St. Paul tells us that he rose physically into heaven.  That is doubtful.  What then, did happen to Jesus?  We know that he was nowhere to be seen three days after he was entombed because Mary reported that the tomb was empty.  Later, the New Testament tells us that Jesus returned in a form so amorphous that he could walk right through a door.   

What happened to Jesus?  What happened to this perfect White Lamb of God, this unblemished, beautiful young man so extraordinarily beautiful in body and in spirit that he magnetized large audiences who followed him wherever he went to speak?  He was tortured to death in a human sacrificial ritual.  This is very important.  This takes the happy face off of the crucifixion and reveals the true horror and injustice that must be acknowledged before true love for Jesus can emanate from his worshipper.  As long as you put a happy face on the crucifixion you are turning your back from the great man that he was, mistreated for his Truth and Beauty.  The worshipper cannot accept the extremity of Jesus' Truth and Beauty until he realizes that it was so great and intense that it was the cause of his torment.  The Jews saw in Jesus the perfect unblemished lamb for their voodoo-like penchant for human sacrificial victims which go back to their Neanderthal existence.  Voodoo is still practiced in Africa today.  They believe that the Whiter the sacrifice, the more power they can call forth from the devil world to give them favors.  When we send White engineers into Africa to work on modern fiber optics we have to protect them with body guards to be sure they are not captured and sacrificed in rituals by the native Africans.

The Jews had many times talked about making Jesus into a human sacrifice.  He was young, handsome, blonde and unblemished.  He was perfect.  According to their plan, they had Jesus crucified just before the Passover so that he would not be dead when he was taken down from the cross after only three hours.  Jesus taken down from the crossAccording to plan, Joseph of Arimathaea got permission from Pilate to transport Jesus' body to a cave where he was to be entombed.  Joseph of Arimathaea himself had the cave carved out with whatever secret passages were necessary to retrieve Jesus' body for the Passover meal.  The next day the chief priests and Pharisees told Pilate a cock false story about Jesus prophesying that his body would rise physically into heaven.  He never made such a prophesy.  Jesus prophesied that he would rise spiritually into heaven because this was his religious belief, but his prophesy about his physical body was that the Jews would eat him.  He announced this at the Last Supper and told his disciples never to forget what scoundrels the Jews were.  Last SupperJewishHumanSacrificeLamb of God

The Jews knew how easy it was to fool the naive Christians: how easy it was to pervert logic into fantastic magical stories.  The Jews wanted to make Jesus seem like a fool instead of the genius logician that he was.  Jesus, being a carpenter, knew the physical rules of the universe and was not a believer in magic.  The Jews encouraged the magical thinking of the Christians in order to cover up their abuse of the body.  The plan was to steal Jesus' body, eat it for Passover, enjoy the great magic to be obtained from eating this pure White human sacrifice, and convince the Christians that the body had risen physically into heaven.  This was gladly accepted by Christians, because it put a happy face on humanity's most shameful injustice.He is Risen!

They asked that Pilate "Command therefore that the sepulchre be made sure until the third day, lest his disciples come by night and steal him away, and say unto the people, He is risen from the dead: so that the last error shall be worse than the first."  MAT 27:64.  Pilate told them to go ahead and make the sepulcher as sure as they could and the Jews sealed the stone and put guards at the entrance of the tomb.
Jesus Tomb

In the best efforts of the guards, the could not prevent the theft of Jesus' body.  Afraid that they would be executed for losing Jesus' body, they went into the city and reported to the cheif priests that the body was gone and that, in other words, they had failed to guard it properly.  The elders, who had been in on the sacrifice plan, held a hearing and talked among themselves and handled the situation in the following way: they gave a large amount of money to the frightened watchmen and told them to say that the disciples had stolen the body.  This had always been the plan.  First Joseph of Arimathaea told Pilate that he was afraid that the disciples would steal the body and, after the Jews stole the body, the elders told the guards to tell the people that it was the disciples who stole the body so that no one would realize that the Jews had stolen the body and eaten it for Passover.

In the Talmud there is a report that Jesus was killed many times, in the manner of the Jews even today.  They have a history of torture which involves killing, resusitating, and killing again and again.  This is the character of the Neanderthals.  Butchered human bones have been found in Neanderthal sites.
Jesus executed in Talmud
After he died, Jesus appeared in ghost form to his disciples for forty days and then suddenly disappeared.  There is no eye witness account of his body flying physically up into heaven.  The only eye witness account of the ascension is when Jesus was walking with his disciples in what appeared to be the body of a stranger walking along a path, unrecognized by his disciples to whom he was speaking.  Suddenly the stranger disappeared.  Only then did the disciples realize they had been talking to Christ.  This is a classic example of a newly dead person appearing to loved ones before they rise into heaven.

Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven
There have been so many accusations of Jewish Ritual Murder that laws have been passed against talking about them, just like laws have been passed in 19 White European countries against questioning the holocaust.  Most recently, April 16, 2005, five children were found dead in a sewage pit, exsanguinated, in Krasnoyarsk, near Moscow, a week before Passover.  In Kiev, 1913, Andryusha Yushchinsky's body, exsanguinated, was found a few days before Passover. 

On Easter Sunday, 1475, the dead body of a two-year-old boy named Simon was found in the cellar of a Jewish family's house in Trent, Italy. Jews were tried and convicted of ritual murder - the killing of a Christian child in order to use his blood in Jewish religious rites.

Jesus was not a child, but of such divine beauty, that he would certainly have been a prime candidate for Jewish Ritual Murder.