01/23/12 - SIR ALLEN STANFORD (Antigua).

Allen Stanford's trial starts today: USA v. Robert Allen Stanford, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, No. 09-cr-00342.  He is accused of defrauding 30,000 CD holders out of their life savings by misleading investors about the certificates of deposit (CDs) issued by his offshore bank.  Stanford worked all his life to become a member of the nobility.  His failure was due to his ignorance of what it takes to be "noble."

Tall and blonde, Stanford was as handsome and charming as an English lord.  He was smart enough to build an investment corporation worth billions of dollars in Antiqua.  He was knighted by the Antiqua government for bringing wealth to the island and improving the standard of living for many Antiquans.  Stanford did not understand that nobility requires characteristics of self discipline, moderation and politeness.  His failure to develop these qualities cost him a terrible beating when, as inmate number 35017-183, he incurred the wrath of a bestial inmate who beat him senseless.

When he was on top, he enjoyed the company of beautiful women; was welcome in the company of powerful men. 

When his company came under scrutiny of the Department of Justice he was charged with fraud and represented by Dick DeGuerin, Esq.  In jail he found himself in the company of violent criminals who were not charmed by his flamboyant manners and attitude of entitlement.

While in jail he was assaulted by a fellow inmate for "spending too much time on the phone."  The assailant grabbed him from behind, causing him to fall and hit the back of his head on the floor which knocked him unconscious.  The assailant beat the unconscious man about his head so badly that he almost lost an eye.    You can imagine Stanford's reaction to going from top of the heap to sudden jail with accusations of fraud.  Stunned, he undoubtedly paid no attention to the social order in his cell which housed 14 inmates with two phones attached to the wall.  He would be on the phone to his cronies constantly, interfering with his fellow prisoners to access to the phones who wanted to talk to their friends and family members as much as he did.  You can imagine one of these cellmates having a history of brutal assault, getting fed up with watching this self acclaimed "knight" demanding justice in the vernacular of the privileged.  That is what tells us he was no knight.  A true knight would never be so insensitive to the social order in which he finds himself.  English manners prevail in all situations, castes and social systems.

Let this be a lesson to young people who aspire to better themselves.  Never put your desire for wealth and power above your obligation to learn the qualities necessary for the nobility.


Human Rights Watch estimates that at least 140,000 prisoners in the US have been raped in prison.  The White man is the favorite target.

Mr. Stanford was assaulted awaiting trial in a cell he shared with 14 other prisoners.  He was beaten so badly that, when asked his name by the doctor, he did not know who he was.  Fortunately the prison officials took videos of Stanford when he was being questioned by doctors and this video has been posted on Youtube by evsaravia. 

Today is the first day of Stanford's trial for defrauding 28,000 investors out of $8 billion dollars.  His lawyers claim that because he can't remember anything, he cannot cooperate in his own defense but the prosecutors say Stanford is faking his amnesia.

Sir Allen Stanford lived a luxurious life off his ponzi scheme where the money of small investors to buy CD's was used to pay off large investors.  Stanford believed that his investment plan was a good plan and that the only reason it went broke is that the government froze its assets and made them ready for distribution.  The jail assault may have been a punishment for his role as an unofficial agent for the CIA.

Jim Davis, CFO of Stanford's empire, will testify against Stanford in exchange for mercy for his part in the wrongdoings.