mapLast week miners striked demanding higher pay and more and cleaner water for the families of the workers.  A rival union, armed with spears, machetes and guns, attempted to run off the striking miners to take their jobs.  The warring unions formed mobs totally 5,000 miners, attacked and hacked each other to death.  From behind their trucks, the police moved in.



Police, armed with automatic rifles and pistols, demanded that both unions stop killing each other.  Both unions pointed their weapons at the police, shooting and killing three of the officers.  The police restored order by firing shots into the attackers.  34 men were killed, including 3 policemen, 78 people were injured and 250 people were arrested.  The strikers, 25,000 nonstriking workers and 10,000 contractors are expected to resume work.















Mr. Lonmin, the owner of the mine, will fire 3,000 workers if they don't return to work.  A strong police presence will insure the lives of the workers and the safety of the mine.









April 29, 2013.  Jub Jub gets 20 years for driving reckless resulting in the deaths of 4 teenagers.  There is a hip hop singer who calls himself "Jub Jub" who got into a car accident in South Africa.  Four teenagers died from head injuries during Jub Jub's drag race.  Jub Jub was on cocaine. When Jub Jub was allowed to stay out of jail having posted bail, some kids hurled bricks and stones at police.  After the trial the magistrate pronounced a judgment of 20 years in jail.  The judgment took over an hour to read.  Jub Jub maintains that the sentence is too harsh.

MARIKANA MINER'S STRIKE.  The Farlam Commission of Inquiry was set up in Lonmin to investigate police shooting into a mob of rioters causing 34 deaths.  The rioters were trying to drive away the Marikana miners who had jobs and then take their jobs.  761 police defended the legitimate miners and finally fired into the oncoming mob and killed 34 rioters.  Whites can do nothing because the blacks are so hostile to anything "White" like law and order.  Hearing officers were perplexed about how to handle the situation.  The rioters claimed police brutality and the police said the operation was a success.  Yesterday it was announced that the Marikana Commission investigating the miner's strike is in recess because the attorney for the miners Dali Mpofu was stabbed by a pick pocket while the attorney was walking at the beach.   Attorney Mpofu, 30 years younger than Willie Mandela is the center of a scandal that resulted in the divorce of Nelson and Winnie Mandela in 1992 when the letters exchanged by the couple were discovered.  Winnie called Mpofu's wife a "white hag" and accused Mpofu of "running around f****g at the slightest emotional excuse."  "The only time you have time to talk to me is about women ofeba nabo (a Xhosa term meaning 'women you are having sex with')...."