Rounder went on a killing spree yesterday.  This came as a surprise to his fellow White power people who saw him as a disgruntled nebbish whose only claim to fame was his close association with Craig Cobb who was recently jailed for arming himself and patrolling his property in Leith, ND.   Like other spree killers, Rounder was alienated from the general society and embittered by Jewish influence.  After going to an Indian casino, he shot two people at a Jewish community center, one person at a Jewish rest home and was at a school when he was stopped by the police.  His murderous rampage brought his intolerable existence to an end except for the security and predictability of jail.  For one moment rounder was the perfect White Nationalist as he yelled "Hail Hitler!" from the back seat of the police car that drove him away.  He had proved that he was a person to be reckoned with and a person who had the power to wreak havoc.  This would have felt better than the heartbreak of losing his bid for a seat in the U.S. Congress which he ran for in 2010.  During that period of time he was interviewed by David Pakman.  Click on the David Pakman logo to hear that interview.

Glenn Miler for US Senate

Rounder had a long way to go to prove himself worthy of the White community.  Although Miller had been a staunch racist in his youth, attracting thousands recruits but that was when he was young and handsome.


By 1986 he had 100 White Patriots march through downtown Wake  Forest, protested by a seminary students who protested the march by singing "we will overcome."

In spite of his illustrious career as a White Power advocate, Miller lost credibility and the respect of many of his fellow racists when, in 2004 he had been a star witness against several popular leaders of the White movement, namely, Pastor Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, David (14 words) Lane, Randy Evans, and others in a sedition trial in Ft. Smith, Arkansas during the late 1980's. 

According to Richard Scutari, in the early 1980's, Miller operated a small Organization called the White Patriot Party (WPP).  The Order contacted him to feel him out and agreed to come on board as a recruiter in the South.  With the help of the Order, Miller built his WPP into one of the largest organizations in the country.  During the big Order trial in Seattle, Miller was holding parades in North Carolina numbering up to a 1.000 marchers all wearing camouflage clothes and carrying a sign at the head of the column which read " We Love The Order."

Miller was sued for intimidating Blacks in the 1980's and was ordered by the Court to cease and desist his paramilitary activities.  He broke the agreement and was convicted of contempt of court.  He went underground with his two lieutenants, Robert Jackson and Doug Sheets.  In 1987 he found himself surrounded in a trailer in which the FBI found explosives, grenades and automatic weapons. This would have put Miller away for 20 years, if Miller had not given evidence of people higher up in the movement which led to the arrest of many highly placed White racialists.  Miller testified against both of his lieutenants at their trial at which they both received a 20-year sentence to be served at a maximum security prison.  Miller served only a few years in minimum security. 

Miller testified for the government, at the 1988 sedition trial in Ft. Smith, Ark. He gave testimony against movement leaders Louis Beam, Robert Miles, and Pastor Butler, all who allegedly were Order leaders.  Five Order members (Andrew Barnhill, David Lane, Artie McBrearity, Bruce Pierce, and Scutari) were also defendants at this trial. Miller testified against all of them except for Bruce Pierce, whom Miller had never met.

Part of the deal when the government lets you plea bargain is that you must accept responsibility for continuing your work as an informant in exchange for which you are given support to become a leader inside the group being investigated. 

There is speculation in the White Power community as to whether Glenn Miller was used by the government to go on his killing spree as part of a false flag operation.  According to Craig Cobb in an interview with David Corn for Mother Jones dated April 14, 2014, Miller had called Cobb less than a week ago and told Cobb that Miller was upbeat and  was planning a barbeque dinner with friends.  Cobb did not believe that Miller had done the shootings although he did have one foot in the grave from emphysema.  Cobb did not think it was within Miller's personality to be violent because Miller was so good with people and fought with propaganda, not guns, but, on the other hand, there was an incident when Miller thought the police were chasing him and he grabbed his guns, jumped out of the car and pointed the guns at the police cars which, fortunately, drove right past Miller. 

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Miller asked people he was about to shoot whether they were Jewish.  The truth is that they were not Jewish but when faced with an armed man in a Jewish environment demanding to know if they were Jewish they thought they had better say "yes."  It was the wrong answer for Miller, who hates Jews.  He shot three of them.

Miller went to two locations shooting people.  Finally he was captured at a school and taken to jail.



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Close friends have said that Miller has been so worried about impending death that he transferred property into the names of his children.  Miller recently stopped taking anti depression medication and has been drinking heavily for a while.  It appears that Miller was a terminally and clinically depressed old man who went crazy after drinking at the Indian casino and just did what he wanted to do: shoot some nonWhites.  Picutre right is mug shot.

April 16, 2014, Rounder was wheeled in the courtroom, charged with three counts of murder.  MOTIVE:  ATTENTION.  At the end of his life, knowing he was soon to die of respiratory failure, Miller had a good day at the casino.  He was having fewer and fewer good days.  He decided to make the best of  his last one.

Jewish Community Shooting Suspect Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. Appears At Arraignment

In 2001 Miller ran for the office of U.S. Congressman of Missouri.  Radio host David Pakman interviewed him. 

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When Craig Cobb got arrested for brandishing weapons in Leith, ND, Pakman got in touch with Miller, hoping to connect with Cobb for an interview to get Craig's reaction to the DNA test that found Craig to be 14% black.

Miller said he would let Craig know of Pakman's request and asked Pakman why he had not interviewed Miller a second time.

Pakman said he would interview Miller if anything newsworthy came up.

11.24.20113 Miller emailed Pakman:

Craig is in jail.  I thought you knew that.  He doesn’t have access to a computer.  Just phone the sheriff’s department in Stanton, ND.

Craig phones me almost every day.  We’ve been close friends for almost 10 years, and we’ve worked together on several White Nationalist projects, including the Aryan Alternative newspaper.

Craig and I were both on a ND radio talk show together for 2 hours, coupla weeks ago.  WDAY or something similar.  I’ve also been helping him with establishing a pro-white town in Leith, ND.  Currently, I’m running an internet fund drive for him to prevent town officials from bulldozing his house there, as they say they’re planning on doing.

I have considerable knowledge and insight into Craig’s activities in ND, and the happenings prior to and since he announced his plans to build a pro-white city, he intends to name Cobbsville, ND.  And which
will set a precedent an example for WNs, nationwide.


April 16, 2014 Craig called Fred O'Malley and told him that the FBI has made arrangements to visit him and interview him, based on 6 letters from Rounder.