Sterling MEETS his Nemesis at Trial.

Sterling May be Facing his Nemesis at Trial, Bert Fields.  Bert Fields told TMZ June 26, 2014 that "he cross-examined a guy last year who broke down in tears on the stand."  The guy Fields meant was David Geffen.  Fields probably should not be bragging about breaking down a gay man, who would be easy prey, but everyone understands that Fields is "unquestionably the most feared attorney in the entertainment industry.  David Geffen is one of the people who bid on the Clippers in the auction held by Shelly which resulted in the $2 billion bid by Mr. Ballmer.

It is not just Fields' brutal cross-examination techniques that make him feared, it is also his association with Picone, who is presently in jail for using illegal tactics as an investigator for attorneys.  Mr. Picioni is known for the fact that a dead bird was found on the windshield of a lady journalist who refused to stop writing about Mr. Fields when Picioni warned her.  Mr. Picioni went to jail for illegally wiretapping subjects of his investigations.

David Geffen was the second highest bidder for the Clippers when Shelly held the auction which resulted in the $2 billion bid by Mr. Ballmer.  David Geffen's name is on the David Geffen Neuropsychiatric institute where psychiatrist no. 2, Dr. Spar, works.

What makes Fields Sterling's nemesis is that Fields was a victim of child abuse by a father whose conduct resembles the conduct Mr. Sterling is accused of in his home to which people attribute the terrible failure of Sterling's son to thrive and prosper.  Sterling's son had such bad judgment that he shot a friend during an argument and later accidently killed himself on an overdose of drugs.  The accidental suicide of his son happened two or three years before V. Stiviano released the tape to the media.