1.  Simmons refers to the illegally obtained, truncated tape released to the press by V. Stiviano as "hideously racist."  There is nothing about the tape that is any kind of racist at all.  Even if Donald had made "racist" comments, it is unAmerican to punish a man for what he says in the privacy of his own home.  The reason we treasure privacy in America is that we don't want Americans to give up their individuality to the extent of only saying, thinking or believing other than what the government wants us to say, think and believe.  Such an oppressive culture cannot create anything because you have people too afraid to think; to afraid to invent.

No one is one hundred percent universally likeable in a free society.  It is disgraceful to hold anyone up to the ridicule of the entire country based on what they did or said at home.  Very few people would hold up to the scrutiny of their naked bodies being photographed at home and then plastered all over the internet?  That is why it is illegal to photograph a man in  his own home without  his knowledge.  It is an actionable tort known as "false light."  The photograph may be truthful, but the