If Shelly had planned to destroy Donald she could not have done a better job.  She told Barbara Walters that she did not love Donald and that he was abusive toward her.  On the stand she said that she thought Donald had a mental problem because he yelled at her and at his lawyers when he found out that the sale of the Clippers was contingent on the withdrawal of his lawsuit against the NBA and the fine of $2.5 million and the lifetime ban.  But if Donald had always been expressive of his anger throughout his marriage which she referred to as "abusive" then the anger he expressed at Shelly and the lawyers was normal for him and not a sign of mental deterioration.

The problem with diagnosing someone with dementia based on subjective evaluation is that one man's normal is another man's abnormal.  Invariably the psychiatric analyst measures the conduct and demeanor of the patient with his own.  This is especially dangerous when a person with average intelligence judges the behavior and demeanor of a person with extremely high intelligence.  Donald made $2 billion in 55 years by being aggressive and communicative, not by being passive and repressed.  Most people are passive and repressed, including psychiatrists so they view people like Donald as being abnormal.

When Shelly told the doctors that Donald was acting strangely she failed to state that he had always acted this way and that it was not strange for Donald.  What motivated Shelly when she saw Donald breaking down in the interview with Anderson Cooper under the strain of the media blitz?  Was she sincere in suddenly caring about her husband in his hour of need or did she see an opportunity to get 100% of the marital assets instead of the mere 50% that she would get in a divorce?

What we know is that she flew to his side, became his protector, got his trust and betrayed him.  Now she claims she loves him which will put her first in line to become his conservator if and when his mental condition continues to deteriorate under the strain of the litigation.  She will have the power to incarcerate him in the facility of her choice, use her power of signature to dismiss the lawsuit and, with the entire estate under her control, she will be able to torture him at will.

On the witness stand Shelly made it seem that Donald's celebration of the $2 billion sales price, followed by fuming and yelling and refusing to sell the next day convinced her that Donald had a mental problem which triggered her obtaining the mental exams.  What she failed to state was that it wasn't until the next day that Donald discovered that his special requests had gone unaddressed, like removing the ban which was based on false allegations that Donald was racist and like removing the $2.5 million fine also based on the false allegations of racism.  Donald decided not to sell the Clippers and to sue the NBA instead.  Shelly stated on the witness stand that Donald was suing her when he sued the NBA because she had arranged the sale but this is absurd.  Shelly might have been hurt, but it is hard to believe she really feels so married to the NBA that a lawsuit against the NBA can be construed as a lawsuit against her personally.