Who hated Donald enough to torture him?  Who has the character to do such evil?

The ACLU has hated Donald since 2010 when he won a case in the appellate court that saved landlords all over the world from being forced to accept Section 8 tenants.  The case involved a severely handicapped Iranian lady whose husband died, leaving her unable to pay her rent to Donald of $1,200.00 a month in Santa Monica.  She signed up for Section 8 and was awarded Section 8.  Donald refused to accept it.  The ACLU helped the woman sue Donald for discrimination.  The trial court found that Donald had the right to refuse to sign up with Section 8 and the lady appealed.  The appellate court ruled against the discrimination suit because they found that Donald's refusal was not due to her status as a handicapped person but because she did not have the money to qualify for his upper class buildings.  It was an important case, Sabi v. Sterling, 183 Cal.App.4th 916 (Cal.Ct.App.2010)  The ACLU may have been angry at being frustrated in their attempt to change America through the court system.