The 1988 Cadillac sped down the highway at 95 miles an hour as Andre raised the bottle to his lips.  Between sips Da Vince prayed: "Soul of Christ, sanctify me; body of Christ, save me; Blood of Christ, inebriate me; Water from the side of Christ, wash me; Passion of Christ, strengthen me."

"What's that?" said the driver.  "Don't you think you're inebriated enough?"

Da Vince answered with a smile as he gulped down another drink.  Then he bowed his head and closed his hands together and prayed, "I have not led a perfect life and I am grateful for the forgiveness I have received by the blood of Christ.  My life is committed to Jesus Christ.  I forgive those who have hurt me."

"Here's the place," the driver said, and Da Vince got out of the car and rang the bell of Noelani's unit. 

"What are you dong here?" Noleani said when she realized it was Da Vince at the front door.

"I've got to see you," Da Vince said.

When Da Vince got inside he pulled out a cross and yelled, "Silence!"

Noelani walked backward six steps to the telephone and dialed 911.  When the police arrived they found Andre Da Vince praying quietly for the soul of Noelani Dosseldorf who's body lay crumpled in a pool of blood.  Da Vince looked up at the police and greeted them with a smile.  "She went to heaven," he said.  I finally got her to confess that Christ is Lord.

The lady officer looked sidewise at her male partner.  "Another day in paradise."

The Solodad Sentinel reported: "Andre Da Vince, self-styled preacher, was taken into custody after police found him in the home of Ms. Noelani Breckendorf praying over her body.  Mr. Da Vince was detained on suspicion of murder by torture.

Aaron Spiegel, of the Van Nuys Police Department says that the crime appears to emulate gruesome executions from medieval times which were seen as a way of ensuring the salvation of the soul of a convicted criminal.  The executioners were attempting to pacify God before delivering the soul to His mercy after first extracting a confession of faith.  All that is known about Mr. Da Vince at this point is that he is fixated on the afterlife and that his ministry is devoted to convincing unbelievers to come to the Bible to avoid an eternity of suffering in the lake of fire.  Police speculate that he was obsessed with saving the soul of Ms. Breckendorf who openly laughed at his ideas.  A video posted on the internet by Ms. Breckendorf shows her talking on the phone to Mr. Da Vince and making contemptuous faces while he explains to her that the sun revolves around the earth as stated in the Bible and that thousands of years of demonic scholarship has brought us to the point of believing just the opposite.  Mr. Da Vince may have felt that the only way to get Ms. Breckendorf's respect was to torture her to death.