George Hanson, seven-term congressman from Idaho, died August 15, 2014.  George distinguished himself by protesting IRS harassment in his book, "To Harass Our People."  He initiated a Senate investigation into the crimes of the IRS against the American people.  Based on the findings of the investigation, George wrote and got passed the "Taxpayers Bill of Rights".  He went to Iran and learned the tortures used by the Shah of Iran during his American approved dictatorship.  He spoke to some U.S. citizens held captive, which official negotiators had not been able to do. George discovered that the Shah had torture chambers.  Ankles had been smashed with heavy clubs.  Finger and toe nails of the victims were torn out by the Shaw's  secret police.  George's unauthorized mission to Iran enraged officials at the State Department and in the administration of President Jimmy Carter, as well as fellow members of Congress.

The government was embarrassed by what George learned and revealed to the Senate.  George was targeted by the government who found minor ethics charges against him and sentenced him to 15 months in federal prison.  He was the victim of "deisel therapy" where the victim is constrained in injurious bonds and transported for long periods of time while the victim inhales great amounts of exhaust from the bus.

After suffering this inhumane punishment, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned his conviction.  {short description of image}

George lived with his wife, Connie for 60 years.  She died in 2013 and he followed her in 2014.  The were Mormons.

George was an honest and outspoken politician.  He became a political prisoner when he exposed the IRS.  He is a hero and a statesman.  But for his wrongful conviction, he would have continued to serve the people of Idaho with wisdom and honor. 

While incarcerated, George was tortured by Federal Marshals who cruelly transported him from one prison to another which is called "diesel therapy" used to punish prisoners who are considered trouble makers.  The useless transportation on busses and planes can be perpetrated for weeks and months at a time.  It is not seen as torture because no one imagines that transportation can be a method of torture.

The victim is shackled with handcuffs and leg irons so tightly that the ankles and wrists are forced into a 90 degree bind.  The shoes are too small.  By the time George was able to photograph his feet they were bloody and swollen and infected, his toe nails twisted horribly out of shape.  The victim cannot move once he has been shackled and is forced to remain in one position for 20 hours at a time. 

The American people are now being subjected to torture known to destroy the personality.  They are forced to watch torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay in the form of stress positions, something like what George Hanson suffered, and there is nothing any American can do to stop the torture.  Being forced to watch torture is a form of torture.  Studies of dysfunctional families reveal that many adults who were destroyed by child abuse suffered having to watch their brothers and sisters being abused without being able to do anything to stop the abuse.  The government is well aware of this.  That is why Americans have been forced to watch the torture of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.   Watching such torture with no hope of stopping the torture is intentionally destroying the spirit of the American people.

Six feet six inches tall, George testified in front of Congress about his '79 Iran trip.  ber 1979 shortly after Iranian students overran the United States Embassy and held dozens of Americans hostage for 444 days.  He served time twice in prison which he stated was due to a government vendetta. 

George (affectionately referred to by his supporters as "George the Dragon Slayer") charged that the Immigration and Naturalization Service brought illegal workers across the border to weaken the nation.  George believed in the U.S. Constitution and individual liberty.  He worked to make the government transparent so that the government would serve the people and not have the people serve the government.

In this Nov. 20, 1997, file photo, former Congressman George Hansen poses for a photo, in Pocatello, Idaho.