Behold the healthy vagina, beautiful in structure, plump and curvacious, a source of confidence and happiness to women.  Click on the pic to read fabulous article about this photograph and the medical information that will save women from extreme pain.

Yeah, but you can't have any power if you are in pain. 

I am looking for Vaginal tablets containing low-does estrogen such as 10 micrograms of a form of the hormone called estradiol.  Oral pills are beneficial in maintaining skin firmness and elasticity.

Post menopausal pussy pain is gun in mouth pain, ranking higher than a migraine headache but lower than having your teeth drilled without anesthetic.  It is the torturous pain of being deprived of water for three days which the Queen of England determined was such severe pain that people who wanted to end their lives by deprving themselves of food and water would be allowed to die of starvation but not of thirst and so these people were allowed to go without eating but tubes were forced into their bodies to deliver water to them.  This is the serious, severe pain that I am talking about except that this pain comes from the thirsty pussy, not the thirsty mouth.  And this pain is not recognized by male doctors may they all be cursed until they repent.

Ten years ago I started to experience pain in my VJJ which I thought was a bladder infection.  I got antibiotics for the pain for five years from a wonderfulo, sexy, brillient male doctor who knew nothing about VJJ's.  I mentioned my continuous infections in a Weight Watcher class and two women told me I needed hormones. d I went to my sexy boy toy doctor and asked for hormones.  His response?  "I would rather give you testosterone.  That will make you cry out my name during orgasm."  So, no estrogen for me!  I went to the local poor people's clinic where I got my yearly mammograms for free and told them about my pain and begged for antibiotics.  The girls there knew I needed hormones and soo they checked for bacteria in my urine and found none and told me I needed hormones.  I was about to cry because the pain was so bad but they promised me the hormone cream would work so I gave it a try.  Premarin cream was a miracle.  I was pain free.

Please note that my salavation came from females, not males.  It was the female nurse and the female doctor who saved me from the terrible pain. 

On interesting adventure during this process was that the drug store I gave the prescription to stole my Premarin right off the shelf.  This happened to me once before when the staff in a drug store took some codiene pills out of the bottle I was sold so I knew it was an inside job.  I changed drug stores by having the prescription transferred to a different drug store.  Miraculously the new prescription gave me the right to buy more tubes of cream which I interpreted to mean that my guardian angel was as angry as I was about the way I was being denied pain medication and that in this case the rules were not respectable and I deserved all the hormone cream I needed and that I should never have to beg for it.  The experience also taught me that this cream was so valuable that people would steal to get it which is wrong.  Women should not have to steal to get hormone cream to relieve the hideous pain of a dried up pussy which is natural in old age. 

When I ran out of Premarin cream I came back for a refill to find that the lady doctor was gone and I faced one of the most hideous male doctors you can imagine.  Big nose with big pores, aged about 60, fat, Armenian, and so pompous that when he walked down the hall the nurses were all trained to genuflect.  He told me I did not need the hormone cream and that the pain was in my hysterical mind because "nature is gracious to old women."

I went on the prowl for a femal doctor and found Dr. Terre Osterkampf, extremely well thought of by women in the area.  She immediately understood my problem.  She ordered me plenty of Premarin and I thought my worries were over.  I relaxed about the subject for the first time in ten years.  Dr. Osterkampf gave me prescriptions for enough cream to last a year.

The next year I  came back to see Dr. Osterkampf and she had retired.  In her place was a male doctor.  Nice, and nice looking, but like every other male I have encountered during this saga of  pain he made me beg for the cream and lied to me about how much he would give me.  After my song and dance he said he would give me what Osterkampf had been giving me but the prescription was for about half that. 

So now I am again on a quest for relief from the pain of an aged VJJ.  I have found very little comfort and support except for the article linked to the photograph at the top of this article.  I am learning that there are other ways to get estrogen and that there is the possibility of getting it cheaper in other countries which is very important becasue in the USA you used to get 30 grams for $180.00 (which is exhorbitant) but now you only get 30 grams and you pay $240.00.  You used to be able to get it in other countries for about half that price but the USA has broken all the links to the websites that were willing to mail this stuff to the suffering women in the USA.  The pretext for now allowing women to have Premarin is that it causes breast cancer but this has never been proven.  In a study of women who took Premarin, a very small percentage of them came down with breast cancer and for this women all women are now being treated like witches being tested under the Maleus Malefecarum to be burned at the stake if they don't do an adequate blow job on the prescribing doctor.

There is a hormone ring that stays in place for three months.  The ring and the tablets deliver an estrogen dose.

Vaginal Estrogen for Dryness 

Vaginal estrogen cream (cream inserted into the vagina that releases estrogen continuously)

Generic Name Brand Name
conjugated estrogens Premarin
estradiol Estrace, Estrasorb
estropipate Ogen

Vaginal estrogen ring (inserted high in the vagina, releases daily estrogen for 3 months)

Generic Name Brand Name
estradiol (low-dose) Estring

Vaginal tablet (inserted into the vagina twice per week)

Generic Name Brand Name
estradiol (low-dose) Vagifem

Yeah, well what is the ring and why has no doctor told me abouit it?  Generic name "estradol" (low dose" , brand name "estring"  And what about this vaginal tablet?  Generic name:estradiol (low dose), Brand name "Vagifem"

I am planning a trip to Mexico where you can buy it without a prescription over the counter for very little money.  Hopefully I will not be arrested at the borner for being a holocaust denier.  At the same time I will look into face lift surgery which is much cheaper in Mexico. 

Estradiol is cheaper than conjugated estrogin.  Estrace cream uses estradiol and costs $35 in the UK for 15 grams.  One website suggested 90% estriol to 10% estradiol plus progesterone to protect against breast cancer.

Yams and soybeans contain estrogen so it might be possible to extract the hormone from these foods.  Somewhere on the web is a website that has a recipe for herbs that keep the VJJ moist.


I tried to order Generic Estrace, 1 mg x 28 pills for $44.99 plus $9.95 shipping for a total of $54.94.  They wanted me to give them my Visa information and some medical info but I wasn't sure that they would send me the stuff so I chatted with the guy and he said that only after I gave them my Visa info would they be able to tell me if the drug I was ordering required a USA doctor's prescrition.  I told them I would call a Mexican pharmacy to find out what drugs I can buy online without an American doctor's prescription.  Or, can I get a Mexican doctor's prescription.  That's another idea. 


Irv gave me the name and phone number of a pharmacist in Burbank who advertises hormones named Steve Mazzin, 2625 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, (818) 841-0423.  I was told to call back Monday when Steve will be in.


Sistah Vegan says drink water, and teas of red clover, nettles, rasp\berry leaf and oatstraw.  I am skeptical.  Slippery Elm is supposed to make your VJJ slippery and also raw okra (vomit.)  That nasty slimy sh*t that used to freak me out when my dad ate it is REALLY healthy. That slime gets in your system and makes your vaginal canal uber slimey.  Well, I gotta admit, slime is what we're after.

DHerbs says Reversing Vaginal Dryness Naturally.  Most sites say that herbs have little or no effect on estrogen production.

No herb helps to reverse vaginal dryness like saw palmetto berry. Saw palmetto helps to stimulate natural lubrication in the vagina. It can be combined with false unicorn root for maximum effect. Six capsules (or 3 cups of tea) of saw palmetto berries daily should suffice (along with change in thought process, diet, lifestyle, and attitude) for purposes of reversing vaginal dryness.

She says to think stimulating sexual thoughts so I think I'm going down the wrong road here.

10% - 50% of old women suffer from vaginal dryness, known as vaginal atrophy.  Most of the literature focusses on restoring an old woman's sex life which is pretty fucked in my opinion when the problem is not lack of sex but serious severe pain.  Only 1/4 of women with vaginal atrophy seek medical help which, when sought, is virtually nonexistant.

Losing weight can reduce overall estrogen levels in the body since the hormone is stored in fat cells.

Soy has estrogen blockers.  Doesn't sem like a good idea then.

There are tablets containing low-dose estrogen which reduce vaginal discomfort.  One alternative is estrogen-containing tablets that are inserted directly into the vagina, which limits the risk of side effects.  Vaginal tablets containing low-does estrogen such as 10 micrograms of a form of the hormone called estradiol can be helpful. 


Bioidentical estriol, is quite common in Europe.  Some research says that estriol is actualy protective for breast cancer. 

Types of estrogen: conjugated = premarin; bioidentical and synthetic.

Black cohash root may bring some relief from hot flashes but studies proof this false.  YOu can get Remifemis at a dose of 40 milligrams per day from most health food stores, a black cohosh extract.  Creams made from wild yam extract converted in a lab into a form of progesterone have been promoted by some alternative practitioners for the treatment of hot flashes and vaginal dryness, although there is little research re safety or efficacy.  Ditto Dong Quai and herbal cocktails.  If you get lucky, it can take 12 weeks for relief to kick in.  Tablets, or rings—are used mostly for vaginal dryness alone.   Vaginal dryness. Estrogen improves vaginal dryness, probably for as long as you continue to use it. If vaginal dryness is your only symptom, your doctor might prescribe a vaginal estrogen.