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 Keith Southworth







May 15, 2019.  Q.  With whom was the new covenant made, and where do we find it in the Bible?  A.  The new covenant was made with Israel just as the old covenant was made with Israel.  This can be found in Paul's letter to the Romans, 8th and 9th chapters.


April 16, 2016.  Breaking a long silence Keith recaps some fundamental teachings clearing up misidentification of who the Gentiles are, especially focusing on Romans 9 and other scriptures.     

August 9, 2015.  Keith talks about the differences between laws, ordinances, regulations and judgments.  He explains that the priest caste was abolished when Christ died, making every Christian responsible for reading and studying the Bible rather than sitting passively in a church and believing what the preacher says.


  July 19, 2015.  Keith hosts his weekly Sunday morning gathering over the telephone conference call.


  May 31, 2015.  Israel is the olive tree.  Romans 11 talks about the wild olive tree.  Romans 9 24-26 points to Hosea which clarifies this point.  God created Enosh (primitive man) before he formed a body for Adam.  The Enosh people were not fit for Adam to marry.  We know this because after God placed Adam in the body God had formed for Adam, he created Eve because there was no one fit to be Adam's wife.  This is one of the many proofs in the Bible that make it clear that Adam's seedline is special and is to remain separate from all people except those that come from Adam's line.


May 17, 2015. God cuts off those who do not obey his commands.  Isaiah promised that God will send a savior to show them the way.  Jesus announces that he is the savior they have been waiting for.  Just before his crucifixion Jesus reveals that he and the father are one and that his disciples will be one with them someday.


May 3, 2015.  First Half of Keith's discussion of the Sermon on the Mount with reference to the two witnesses described in Revelations.


May 3, 2015. Finishing Keith's discussion of the Sermon in the Mount, Keith talks about the two witnesses being Elija and Enoch who must come before Christ brings the kingdom of heaven to this earth. The disciples asked Jesus if John the Baptist was Elijah as many believed and Christ said no.



March 29, 2015.  Discussing the Sermon in the Mount found in Matthew and Luke.  The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares teaches that the seed of Adam is damaged by the seed of Satan but that men should not attempt to destroy the seed of Satan because it is not God's will that the be thrown into the lake of fire until Christ comes.



March 15, 2015.  In the Sermon in the Mount Jesus instructed his disciples how to teach as well as what to teach.  Jesus described the new covenant, dropping the old Mosaic ordinances e.g., "an eye for an eye", but still embracing the Laws. 



February 22, 2015.  The Abrahamic covenant was with the seed of Abraham only.  An introduction to the word "stranger" and "strangers", and that there are different Hebrew words with different meanings.  The word study on the "Stranger" translated from the Hebrew word "Toshawb" (No. 8453 in Strong's) proves racial difference in the slavery statutes found in Leviticus 25. 



February 22, 2015.  (Apology for small buzz on this audio)  This audio contains an insert by Christian Pinto from a broadcast dated February 10, 2015 by Noise of Thunder entitled "The Fourteenth Amendment."  Keith makes comments to sort out the correct views and the mistakes of Pinto.



February 9, 2015.  In order to understand the covenant it is necessary to understand that the parties are God and the seed of Abrhaham.  30 verses are discussed out of the 144 verses and passages that refer to Abraham and Israel.  The Jews are the Israelites from the House of Judah.  Jesus was a Jew through the lineage of Mary.


February 9, 2015.  Even Christian Identity preachers get it wrong when they teach about the Covenant.  Many fall for the apostesy of "Preterism."


  February 9, 2015.  Discussion on books recommended for reading.  Keith does not agree with every point in these references but recommends them for some of the information they contain.





February 1, 2015.  The Founding Fathers were not Christians.  They were agents of the New World Order which emanates from the British Empire which has never relinquished control over the United States.




February 1, 2015. Isaiah 45:4 defines the elect as being the descendents of Abraham.  Hosea 1:4-10 explains the divorce of the ten northern tribes (the "Gentiles") who are reunited with the southern tribes (the Jews). by Christ's death.  Universalism incorrectly teaches that the covenant is extended to all the world, quoting the passage which says that Jesus' friends are those who hear his word and do his word.  The truth is that only the descendants of Abraham are part of the covenant and that of those, only those who hear the word and do it are part of the covenant.  The phrase about having to hear the word and do the word limits the elect and does not extend it, as the Universalists teach.





January 25, 2015.  Keith urges preachers to study Hosea as referenced in Romans 9:24-26 to learn that the "Gentiles" Paul referred to were the cast off (divorced) ten-tribe northern kingdom of the House of Israel who were grafted back into the Abrahamic covenant by the death of the testator, Jesus Christ (Heb. 9:15-18.)  Romans 9:24 is a direct quote from Hosea 2:25, and Romans 9:26 is a direct quote from Hosea 1:10.  Hosea 1:4-10 is a passage which explains to us that the Gentiles are the kingdom of the House of Israel.  Then, Keith goes on to discuss two great heresies of Christian Identity: (1) British Israelism and (2) Preterism/historicism. 

January 18, 2015.  Conference call between Keith, Susie, Mona, and others to discuss exegesis, prophesy and heresies of Eli James, William Finck, Comperet and Martin Lindsted.


March 3, 2014 Sons of God Rule.



  November 4, 2013.  God commanded White people to come out of false religions (universalism).  The "prince of the world" (the devil) has no part in Christ.  John 13-16.  Keith Southworth answers snippets from William Finck's discussions on "Pragmatic Genesis."


   October 5, 2013.  Keith Southworth does a basic recap of John 12 regarding the children of Abraham and the everlasting covenant, readings from the article "Banking and Bankers" from





 September 8, 2013.  Keith Southworth says that Prophesies can be short term or long term.   It takes a thorough understanding of the Bible to understand which is which.


September 2, 2013.  Keith Southworth complains that new "Pastors" proliferate without even a basic education in studying the laws and ordinances or even the correct meanings of the words in the Bible.

August 4, 2013.  Keith Southworth talks about the heresies of historicism, soul sleep and the rapture.  The covenant gives the land of Canaan to Abraham's seed and not to any other people.  Today's Jews are not Abraham's seed.  America is not the New Jerusalem.

 July 19, 2013.  Keith Southworth makes comments as he listens to William Finck's show.

July 14, 2013.  Keith Southworth on the terrible misunderstanding of who the Gentiles are.  Romans 9:24-26 refers to Hosea 1 and 2 where we have the Gentiles defined as the House of Israel and the Jews are defined as the House of Judah.

June 29, 2013.  Keith Southworth discussions:

◊  Baptism by household, the whole family, regardless of age. 
◊  Rules of assembly.
◊  Church government by elders, not by a pastor
◊  Understanding the simplicity of Christ by following the examples in the bible.
◊  Comments on Augustine and Calvin

June 13, 2013.  Keith Southworth discusses "Church Government: Elders in every church."  There is no such thing as a man-ordained pastor, believe it or not!

June 2, 2013.  Keith Southworth discusses the fallacies of British Israelism and why the Jews are not Judah.  A few verses about angels and principalities.

             May 20, 2013.  Keith Southworth talks about the Mark of the Beast.  He refers to YouTube videos by Chris White which discuss this subject.  White understands that Daniel 7 is not a repeat of Daniel 2.  This does not mean that Southworth entirely supports the work of Chris White because, going back to Southworth's earlier broadcasts, White believes that today's "Jews" are the descendants of Jacob/Israel of the Bible.

 May 16, 2013.  Heraldry, Symbols and Heresies.  Keith Southworth recommends a book, "Symbols of our Celto-Saxon History by W.
H. Bennett   and discusses how the word "beast" is used in the Bible.  Keith also recommends "A Timeline of 20th Century Apostocy"

May 9, 2013. Keith Southworth introduces the Book of Daniel.

May 6, 2013. Keith Southworth proves that God established the earth forever. The kingdom of heaven will be on earth.  Snippets from Bertrand Comparet are answered.

May 5, 2013. Keith Southworth complains that pastors who do not understand the law hurt the Christian Identity movement by making a mockery of Biblical teachings so that people who might otherwise understand are discouraged from learning.

May 4, 2013.  The Everlasting Covenant that Christianity is based on and has been forgotten.  Keith Southworth proves that the Abrahamic Covenant was a contract between God and Abraham in which God gave to Abraham and his seed all of the land of Caanan.

April 30, 2013.  Keith Southworth is not "King James Only" but opposes the new heretical versions of the Bible: the King James Bible needs no improvement.  For instance, the Geneva Bible was translated from correct manuscripts, as were the other English translations before the Geneva.  However, the Geneva Bible had commentaries by men like John Calvin who introduced many false doctrines.  
April 25, 2013.  Keith Southworth talks about that Little Word "If".  We are not promised forgiveness until we repent of our sins and work actively to be sure we do not commit the same sin again.  Similarly, we are not to forgive people unless they repent of their wrongdoing against us.  God forgives us over and over again as long as we are actively working toward our salvation.  When confronted with a wrongdoer who stumbles over and over, we are to forgive him seventy times seven times as long as he is working to stop the error. 

 April 23, 2013.  70 weeks of Daniel, Matthew 24, Revelation 11, 12 and 13 -- Praeterism / historicism refuted by Keith Southworth.

April 18, 2013.  Stopping the mouths of false prophets or pastors; the error of soul sleep/ the immortality of the soul, proven.  Keith Southworth gives a recap of who the gentiles and who the Jews are can be identified in 11 verses to be none other than the House of Judah and the House of Israel.

April 17, 2013.  English kings.

          April 12, 2013.  When Jesus died, the House of Israel and the House of Judah became the whole House of Israel, no longer divided.  There are no more Jews today.   Keith Southworth proves that

Jesus was a Jew, a descendant of David through his mother, Mary.  Jesus' death united the northern tribes with the southern tribes into one house, the house of Israel.  When Rome destroyed Judea there were no more Jews (Ioudaios) because the region was now called Palestine.

April 11, 2013.  Keith Southworth proves that marriage between Greeks and Israelites was legal because both the Greeks and the Israelites were Adamic.  Assyria started deporting the northern tribes in 740 BC which was the result of God divorcing them.  Ethnos means race.  Paul names Hymenaeus and Philetus as examples of heretics, and names their heresy (that the resurrection is past already).  Defines Israel, Jew, Gentile and Hebrew.  Testament means contract.  The new testament does not start until after Christ dies, resurrects and sends the holy spirit.  Just as God used Moses to deliver the old covenant, he used the apostles to deliver the new covenant.