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Dear friends, dear comrades, 
                                                       the news spread in my previous message unfortunately turned out to be true: on Thursday, 10 November 2022, the courageous revisionist Vincent Reynouard, whom Démocratie Participative rightly calls a HERO (of free thought, freedom of expression, historical truth), was arrested by English cops in Scotland. 


They had already tried to do this a year ago in London, but now they have succeeded. Again at the behest of the horrid jewish hydra. They want to extradite him to France because of a truthful video of him from... 2014. If they succeed in this too, the enemies of humanity and nature will no doubt proceed to bury him in jail.

Again: LET'S DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO HELP VINCENT REYNOUARD, admirable MAN. Here is the address of his website, to send him, at least, concrete financial support:

Hearts up, always!

Joe Fallisi - email address:  astrotenore@gmail.com

Below you will find an English translation of the article from "Le Monde" that gives details about the situation.

Your human rights, goy

The British police have admitted to having deployed "exceptional means" so that Vincent Reynouard is punished for having made this video which has disappeared from the internet for ages. He is currently imprisoned in Scotland pending his trial to decide on his extradition to France and its Jewish-controlled courts. He has excellent morale and is preparing his defense at this very moment.

Vincent had been expecting this arrest for many months, a reason which prompted him to work intensely on his series dedicated to a critical history of National Socialism, of which we have broadcast 15 chapters .

Vincent Reynouard does not have a massive following, but that is not the problem, from the point of view of the international Jewish hydra that stands behind Western governments. The problem is the truth defended by Vincent Reynouard and which shakes Jewry to its foundations: there have never been gas chambers.

Nowhere, nothing, nothing.

The desperate rage shown by the Jews to gag the hero Reynouard demonstrates the absurdity of the myth of the magic gas chamber. Who, rationally, would deploy international state resources for an author whose videos average 3,000 views?

Jew at bay!

The entire international Jewish edifice rests on this myth, which has become the state religion of democracies.

His fight for the truth cost Vincent his family, but he never capitulated.

In the immediate future, everyone in a position to do so must make the situation of the hero Vincent Reynouard known to as many people as possible.

They must also accuse the race guilty of the crime: the Jews.

We are moving to bring the necessary help to Vincent. You will be informed of developments. If you want to help Vincent, his team can collect all the financial support via his site: blogue-sc.com .

It is a war to the death against these Jews and we must do everything to win this war.

Burgundians, to the front!