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Jerry Williams ShowWITCH HUNT - The Persecution of Fred Leuchter.  Mark Weber introduces Fred Leuchter.  Broadcast from the Institute of Historial Review February 19, 1991.  Published on Odysee.com March 2023.



Jerry Williams ShowERNST ZUNDEL - The Story of Fred Leuchter.  Fred goes to Auschwitz and finds no gas chambers.  Just a morgue with the usual crematorium you would expect next to a morgue.  Fred testified for Zundel in Canada, after being qualified as an expert in gas chambers.  First published by Samsidat in 1993.  Re-published on Odysee.com February 25, 2023



Jerry Williams ShowERNST ZUNDEL - THE LEUCHTER REPORT.  Published on Odysee.com




Jerry Williams ShowNovember 10, 2022 - GERMAR'S PREDICAMENT  John Kaminski and Fred Leuchter discuss Holocaust scholar Germar Rudolf's latest brush with the law.



Jerry Williams Show1990 - Leuchter is interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Prime Time



Donahue ShowFred appeared with three other guests on the Donahue Show in 1990 to discuss the state of the execution industry.