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August 19, 2013

March 30, 2017

Female Genital Mutilation |

ABOUT WOMEN & ISLAM: Female Circumcision & Sexual Slavery In Saudi Arabia


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Imagine you are a rich, stupid, ugly Islamic that no White woman would voluntarily have sex with for a million dollars.  You stink, you spit when you speak but you have a zillion dollars from the oil in your country.  You feel inadequate because your women never have kids.  You don't realize that anal sex does not produce children.  You think anal is the only way to have sex because that's what was done to you when you were young and your women all have their vaginas stitched up so you can't get in there anyway.  You have taken your wives and concubines to doctor after doctor and all you get is a ridiculous story that you are supposed to relieve yourself in that little tiny hole that is only big enough to let her pee a little.  Furthermore, the female genital mutilation left all your women with pockets inside that collect blood and pee, causing extremely painful bladder infections so they cringe at the thought of sex with you because of the pain over and above their natural revulsion at the thought of getting physically close to you.


You send a servants to Europe and tell him to bring you some blondes.  Your best looking man servants interviews several lovely ladies and take them to dinner, explaining how valuable their blonde beauty is in the Middle East.  They tell the women that they can become top models with the right support, clothes, make up, vocal coaching, etc.  It isn't hard to get the women interested and when they are drunk and ready, they are told that there is a man in Saudi Arabia who will train them to become models and then actresses if they will work hard at their lessons for a six months training program.  By the end of dinner the girl is swirling with fantacies of herself on the silver screen in Saudi Arabia.  She signs on the dotted line and is dropped off at her little apartment with loaded with jewelry, her arms full of roses and the contract in her hand.  When she comes to from her drunken stupor she reads the contract and is so happy about her good luck that she waits in a state of bliss until the limoside comes to pick her up and she gets in.  When she gets inside the limousine she sits down with her frined from the night before and three other Middle Eastern men, all very polite, telling her how beautiful she is and thanking her for trusting them.  She gets on an airplane for Saudi Arabia and flies first class to Saudi Arabia where she is met with a van and she gets in, still excited about her prospects.


She is taken to a huge mansion with a large suite of rooms with servants waiting on her hand and foot.  Across the court yard is the harem and she visits the ladies in the harem who are beautiful and want to show her how to make up in the style of the region.  She is bathed and clothed with beautiful silks, everybody smiling all the time.  One of the concubines speaks English and she tells the newcomer that her labia are not considered beautiful by Middle Eastern standards.  It is easy to make a woman feel embarrassed about her labia because most women have never looked at themselves and most women have one lip on her vulva that is bigger than the other so it becomes obvious that a minor surgery should be performed to make her camera ready.  If the young lady is lucky she may attract the amourous interest of a wealthy Saudi who might marry her and if that should happen she must look perfect for her wedding night or, to be honest, a little taste of sex before the wedding if the lady is the type to take expensive gifts for such as service.  It is not mandatory for a prospect to have sex but it helps.


Now the young lady is ready to make her debut and eagerly and trustingly gets into the van that picks her up from the mansion to take her to a state of the art clinic.  The lady worries when the driver punches a code into the automatic steel door which opens and she sees another steel door closed in front of her.  She is assured that this is necessary security at the hospital which is located in a less desirable neighborhood than the master's mansion.  When she gets into the hospital she is impressed with the state of the art medical equpment and the efficient, pleasants doctors and assistants who are professional and courteous, but why are there no windows?  She is told that the heat is so intense in Saudi Arabia that windows would put too much pressure on the air conditioning and she has to admit that the hospital is very well temperature controlled and comfortable.


She is helped onto a steel table, her wrists and legs strapped to her the sides of the hospital bed and is told not to be afraid when the table raises her legs are raised and spread.  She will feel small injections in her labia.  She is courageous and submits to the minor pain of the injections and when her vagina is completely deadened, she isn't even aware that her clitoris is being removed.  For good measure, the doctor tattoos the famly crest of the master's house.


In the next room, on another bed, is a Saudi Arabian women who has been caught masturbating or taking money for sex or havng sex with someone she is not married to.  She has been brought into the clinic by the religious police and she must be punished according to the law.  Saudi Arabia has become enlightened since the old days when the crime this lady has been convicted of was punished by death by stoning as is mandated by Chapter 20 of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  Modernly the government has stopped stoning women for sex crimes and has lessened the punishment to forcible female genital mutililation and tattoo without an anesthetic.  This lady is gagged and given a piece of leather to bite on during the operation.  When the table lifts, she finds herself bound and gagged, upside down with her legs spread out above her until the sexual torture is completed.  Then she is fitted with a steel collar which, like the golden collar which was fitted on the European girl, has been programmed to emit a signal if she should attempt to escape from the master's house.  She will live out her life as a slave to the wives and concubines of the master or she will be sent back to her husband.  If she manages to thwart the collar, she will not be able to get  past the walls which are fitted with an electronic fence and even if she manages to get over the wall and out of the country she will be in a neighboring country where women are not allowed to walk without a male family member and she will be eturned to her master.


After the operation she is fitted with a golden collar and taken back to the house that bears the family crest that is tattooed on her stomach.


Does this read like a smutty novel?  It is not.  The story just related is common place in the Middle East.


At least 25% of all women in Saudi Arabia are circumcised.  97% of Egyptian women have been circumcised.  There are four and a half million spinsters.  The definition of a spinster is a woman who has reached 30, without ever receiving a marriage proposal.  Spinsters are considered a problem because they are likely to become sexually aroused.  Circumcision of the girls makes them chaste, dignified and pure. 


In the past Prostitution, Adultery or masturbation was punishable by stoning , now sometimes they simply have the accused circumcised and , or infibulated.   Circumcising the young may be done by midwives.  The job of the midwife who delivers a baby includes making sure that the woman does not leave the hospital without being circumcised. 


The religious police feel that female circumcision has many positive benefits. It calms women, ends lesbian activities, discourages adultery and prostitution. It allows women to concentrate on being good wives and mothers.


Some young brides are brought in and we simply clip the tip of their clitoris off. It's pretty minor but very effective at controlling female behavior.  

Many religious leaders feel that it is a woman's place to provide pleasure to the male and bear children without receiving pleasure themselves.


Female Circumcision ClinicFemale circumcisers and their attendants waiting in an elementary-school classroom, where they do their work.


Upper class doctors perform female circumcisions in state of the art facilities with characteristics of modern prisons.   are performed has no windows.   For security there is only one entrance with an electric garage door which is controlled by a security code which activates an electronic box.  When a patient arrives the vehicle enters the garage door after inputting the security code.  The interior door wont open till the outer one closes.


The patient finds herself on her back, head down , legs spread. The activation of the chair tightens all the straps very securely. She will find she is totally immobilized. Once secured we shave the pubic hair, the area is cleaned with soap, then we treat the entire area with an antiseptic. At this point she is ready for me to circumcise her. If allowed by the authorities the nerves around the clitoris are deadened.  In most cases the patients tense and groan a little at this point as the nerve is deadened.


The woman is not gagged unless she has been brought in by the religious police in which case she is being punished and does not receive pain medication.   When the procedures is done for as punishment for prostitution, adultery or masturbation, a rubber tongue depressant is put into the patients mouth and held in place.  A strap is placed across the forehead and tightened which gives the patient something to bite on as she is cut.  Some doctors do not anesthetize patients even if they are not being punished. 


European girls are recruited by being offered jobs as models in Saudi Arabia.  They find themselves convinced that life in a harem will be a life of luxury beyond their wildest dreams.  Few western women know what female circumcision is  and have no idea what awaits them when they have been recruited or kidnapped to be sold to wealthy Islamics who want the European women in their harems.   They are told that that the masters want their labia slightly modified to present a more dainty and symmetrical appearance.   Most go to the table without much fuss, but some are dragged kicking and screaming.    You can imagine their surprise when they discover that we have removed their clitoris.  


When they are returned to their masters they have been tattooed with the crest of the family where they will serve in a harem.  Many European girls imagine it is exciting to become part of a harem as a concubine until they find themselves locked away where they please their master and bear his children. The circumcision calms them and prevents them from masturbating and dreaming of their past life and old boyfriends.


When they are placed in a harem, barred windows and surveillance cameras keep them from leaving.   There are no telephones, televisions or internet.  The concubines wear golden collars that have a shock feature if they get out of bounds.  The collars use an electronic locking system.  Once placed around the neck, it cannot be removed without a computer pass code.   The escapee will not be able to get out o f the collar, through the barred windows, scale the wall and clear the electric wire on top.  Even if she should make it to a neighboring country she will find herself immediately captured because women are not allowed to walk in the streets without an escort and she will be returned to her master. 





Somali Pirates claim that their dissenters are "racist."