Sensory Overload as a Form of Torture
A person should not be expected to pass a mental test while reeling from sensory overload.

Shelly's Story
Shocked at Donald's appearance on t.v., Shelly had no choice but to oust Donald

Donald Sterling, 80, Skewered by Girl Friend, Then Roasted by his Wife
If Shelly had planned to torture and destroy Donald, she couldn't have done a better job.

"Probate Exception" keeps Donald out of U.S. District Court
The US Court does not see any difference between a not dead person and a dead one.

Notice of Removal
No Help From the U.S. Court

Bill Simmons hates Donald Sterling

Probate Notes
Probate Attorney gets it.

News Update:  Sterling May be Facing his Nemesis at Trial, Bert Fields
Bert Fields, "The Most Feared Lawyer in Los Angeles"

The original Audio was illegally obtained and truncated
Illegal evidence, truncated, provides excuse to take Clippers away from Donad.

Notes on the Trial Setting Conference of June 23, 2014

Great notes.